How to Convert MS Outlook to Lotus Notes NSF

Outlook to NSF converter software

  • The software successfully converts all Outlook PST email data to NSF file format
  • Outlook to NSF converter software allows selective data migration
  • The software is willing to convert the data of each PST folder into the NSF format.
  • There is a filter option present in folders like To-do list, contact, email, calendar, etc. for the selective migration of data.
  • To move the data from Outlook to Lotus Notes, the utility requires the installation of both Outlook as well as the Notes email client.
  • If users do not want to export the deleted items of Outlook to NSF file format, then software allows the users to do the same.
  • The support work flawlessly with all versions of Outlook
  • The software also works smoothly with all versions of the MS Window OS
  • There is no restriction on the size of PST for migration. A user can migrate the data of any size of PST file to NSF file format.
  • Both ANSI and UNICODE PST file can be converted to NSF file format without any hassle.

The Features In The Details

Hassle Free Transfer

The Outlook to NSF converter tool migrate the data of Outlook to NSF file format within a few clicks without any fault. The data include email, contact, calendar, drafts, sent items, etc.

Save Data At Desired Location

The software after attempting the conversion given an option to users to save the data at their desired location. This helps users in keeping the data in a well organized manner.

Hierarchy Of Folder Remain Unchanged

No change in folder hierarchy is done while migrating the email data of Outlook PST to NSF format. Each folder is migrated without any alteration. Furthermore, if a user has created a certain folder, then it will also be migrated and placed in its original location.

Unlimited Contact Data Transfer Possible

With the help of this smartly developed utility, a user can convert the contact data of Outlook PST file to NSF format, irrespective to the size of contact folder.

Filter Options In Abundance

The software has multiple filter options which help users in doing the conversion of data according to their ease as well as according to the personal need. For e.g. there are filters present for email, tasks, calendar, etc.

Compatible With All Outlook Editions

The software comfortably work with all editions of Outlook. So, no matter what version of Outlook PST file user want to migrate to NSF file format, the software will attempt the migration of data easily.

Option To Exclude Deleted Folder

The deleted emails of Outlook mail client get stored in the delete folder. And it is removed only when user deletes it permanently from the account. However, when data is migrated from Outlook to NSF format with the help of utility, the utility gives an option to users, to include or exclude the delete folder.

The Meta Properties Of Email Remain Unchanged

The details of an email like To, From, CC, Bcc, Time, attachment, etc, is known as metadata. While doing the conversion of PST file data into the NSF file format, the meta properties of mail do not get changed. It remains in exactly the same format.

Compatible With All Windows OS

The Outlook to NSF converter software comfortable work on Windows. And it is compatible with all versions of Windows starting from XP, Vista to 2010, 2013.

Check The Prowess Of Software Trying It Free Version: It is always good to get ascertain, before buying anything. And the rule applies with software purchase as well. Therefore, the free version of software is made available for users. User can check the capabilities of software, trying its free version, which converts 10 items in each folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

The enterprise version of software has features of bulk data migration. Here, multiple files could be uploaded on the tool and conversion is done.
The software Outlook to NSF converter works flawlessly with all types of PST file. The only requirement of this utility is that, the PST file should be healthy. The repaired or retained PST file is also a healthy file and thus smooth data migration is ensured by wizard in this case.
The only requirement of Outlook to NSF converter software to attain smooth conversion is that only healthy PST file should be added in the wizard. So, till the size of PST is within the safe limit, software is willing to convert the data.
The PST file should be healthy, both Lotus Notes and MS Outlook should be present in the system, the machine should have the Windows OS and good internet connectivity.
The wizard has been developed by world class engineers after an extensive research. Therefore, bulk data migration does not impact the efficiency of software.


When my office switched to Lotus Notes mail client, all my email data of Outlook was moved to Lotus Notes and office internal staff was involved in the entire process. They moved the data of my official Outlook email account to NSF, but I had one more account in Outlook. I saved the data in PST file, but couldn’t access it because of no Outlook environment. However, the data in personal Outlook account were important and I wanted to access it in any case. My friend suggested me the Outlook to NSF converter software to convert my PST mail data to NSF format. The software was a superb tool. It didn’t only convert the entire data, but also kept the email, folders and Meta information as it is.
Neelam, Pakistan
When shifted my office, I wanted to take my Outlook PST file with me, as it had some person and important information it. In my new office, I got to know that, they use NSF mail client. For some time I was in dilemma as how will I be able to access the data of my PST to Notes. Because I am a tech graduate, I was well aware of many third party utilities. I searched on the internet and got to know about the Outlook to NSF tool. Immediately, brought it. This tool helped me a lot to change the PST data in the NSF file format.
Scahwwaney Christopher, UK
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