Why create a backup of Outlook.com to Windows Live Mail?

We generally create a backup to ensure the safety of your emails in your cloud-based web applications like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.

Similarly, a backup of Outlook.com is saved to prevent your Outlook.com database from any mis happenings.

Outlook.com – Outlook.com is an application provided by Microsoft Outlook that lets you send and receive emails in your web browser. It can be accessed on multiple devices.

Windows Live Mail – Windows Live Mail is an email client that store your data files in EML file format. It supports all email messages and attachments.

What are the circumstances for creating a backup?

  • Ransomware hackers – In case of ransomware hackers, you can get your valuable emails through a backup. A backup is created for data loss prevention from hackers.
  • Can’t afford without your data – Companies can’t afford their living through their valuable information. A backup should always be created for any kind of disaster.
  • In case of poor internet connection – A poor internet connectivity pulls you out from Outlook.com emails accessibility. But if you have created a backup, you can view these emails any time without internet connection.
  • Sudden deletion of your emails – Your valuable data files may be deleted due to any kind of virus and cyber crime. At that time, the prior created backup will help you a lot.
  • Peace of mind – Data backup is also necessary to save your business and its valuable emails. Creating a backup will provide you a peace of mind in case of any mishap.
  • No wastage of time – No wastage of time will be there to access the offline stored backup. Since com needs a username and password for accessing Outlook.com profile.

Why save your backup in Windows Live Mail?

  • Free email client – It is a free email client for Windows 7 users.
  • Multiple functionalities – It comes with multiple functionalities to set various colors and themes.
  •  Speedy operation – As Windows Live Mail is a light application so it performs a speedy operation.

How to create a complete backup of Outlook.com to save it in Windows Live Mail?

A simple and advanced application is Softaken Outlook.com backup Pro that takes a complete and harmless backup of Outlook.com mailbox to Windows Live Mail.

How to perform a backup of Outlook.com account to Windows Live Mail?

A simple working will be followed by the software –

  • Assign login details of Outlook.com profile – The starting point of the software is to assign login details of Outlook.com profile. Once you assign these details, the software accesses your Outlook.com profile.
  • Specify folder/files for backup – The next step is to specify a folder/file for whom you want to take a backup. You can select the folders from the option given in software wizard.
  • Determine the output directory – Finally, you need to determine an output location to save the results. You can specify any location as per your wish.
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