Microsoft has launched many versions and the latest one is MS Outlook 2016. The new version has all the features that the earlier versions have, but they are more representable with colorful appearance. There are some customization features as well. The launch of 2016 Outlook is primarily for Windows 10, IOS and Android users. If you are planning to upgrade the Outlook to Outlook 2016, make sure you have Office 365 subscription. Active Office 365 gives software and services support through web.

A new feature “Tell Me” is ready to make your search advanced. It has a dark theme. The in-built cloud feature in Outlook 2016 allows users to create, open, edit and save files in the cloud. There are lots more.


The first thing you notice is the appearance of Outlook 2016. The color of the interface is dark and light gray with white writings.

dark and light gray

For Windows 10 users, Microsoft has provided Outlook with Office 2016 IT Pro & Developer preview along with the cloud connection. The attachment handling issues have tried to resolve by providing multiple options like preview, open, delete and save. The clutter feature gives the flexibility to filter emails according to your choices.

multiple option

There is an advanced search box “Tell Me What to Do…” to locate your specific folder.

advance search box

The Prime feature emailing option has a bit of improvement. During email if you want to attach a file, Outlook will show you the recently accessed file list, users can select any of the files without browsing.

recent items

Some Improved Features to Be Seen in Outlook 2016
The search performance has incredibly enhanced with the advanced search option
The new version is saving more time by downloading, displaying and sending messages quickly
For uninterrupted work, there is MAPI-HTTP protocol to support Exchange connectivity and ensures no interruption while network error occurs
Those using Active Directory Authentication Library, the new version is providing multi-factor authentication

Outlook 2016 Perks for Office 365 Users
Impeccable traffic management is offered by integrating with BITS which helps to avoid network congestion
Admin Portal feature of Office 365 is in the admins to manage the device activation
The admin has the flexibility to fix errors and kept the outlook updated
Note: Outlook 2016 gives support to small screen up to 650 pixels. If the size is increased, the folder will be damaged.
Outlook 2016 is loaded with incredible features. It gives a perfect integration with Facebook to keep you well informed about feeds.

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