How to Add Bcc Recipients in Outlook?

Know what Bcc is? ‘Bcc’ is a field that appears while composing an email. It stands for Blind Carbon Copy. This field allows you in sending email to the desired persons along with one more person. The recipients in ‘To’ and ‘Cc’ fields will not get aware of the person added in ‘Bcc’ field. To and CC recipients come across no possible way to make out the email received by Bcc recipient.

The Bcc recipient can check out the email and can also reply to all. Thus one needs to be very careful while replying to all. It is better to utilize the tool such as Reply to All Monitor

The most desired to answered query is what the ways to access Bcc Recipients. Unfortunately, there is no way out by which you can see the Bcc recipient. Only email’s sender can see who Bcc recipient is.

How to Add Bcc Recipients in Outlook?

If you want to add Bcc recipient then you must get assured regarding Bcc address line is shown in MS Outlook.

Check out the steps to view Bcc Address line:

  1. First of all compose a new email in MS Outlook
  2. Then click on ‘Options’ tab
  3. After this, Click ‘Bcc’ button in the Show Fields area of the ribbon

how to add bcc recipient in outlook

Process to automatically Bcc Outgoing emails in MS Outlook: Outlook permits you to automatically add CC recipient to the emails and not Bcc recipients. However, use Outlook template in this regard. Template is saved email and not sent email. This is filled email located in any of the Outlook folders. Follow the below mentioned steps to create template:

  1. First of all create a blank email filled with Bcc field
  2. Then save in Outlook or Save As to desktop
  3. Whenever, you make Bcc, begin with the same email template every time you desire to create a new one.

If you use Always BCC add-in then you can control when Bcc is applied either by setting the add-in for checking the essential info in the email.

Add Bcc Recipients in outlook

How to Add Bcc Recipients in Outlook? MS Outlook is a powerful packed email application but it is just Compliance Copies add-in. Just like Always BCC add-in, add in add Bcc in an automated way to the outgoing emails based on few set rules.

The steps mentioned above are more than enough to solve the query how to add Bcc recipients in Outlook.

You can easily see that Bcc recipient is completely dependent on the contents of the emails, to whom you are sending emails to and from which account you are sending emails from.

Besides this, you can use exceptions for Bcc.

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