how to add business card VCF to signature without images

How to Add Business Card (VCF) to Signature without Images

Whenever you wish to add a business card to your signature in MS Outlook, by default an image is included in the signature along with the VCF file.

If you want to exclude the image and attach the VCF file only with the signature, you can achieve this in the registry.

Before making any change in the registry, add the business card which you would like to add in signatures and save it. The practice will create a VCF file of the contact in the signature folder. Below are the steps.

Start MS Outlook and press the File tab. From the drop-down select options.


Once you click option, press the tab ‘Mail’. It will open change the setting message, go to the third option ‘create or modify signatures for messages’, press the tab ‘Signatures’


A new dialog box ‘Signature and Stationery’ will open, press the first tab ‘Email Signature’. In this tab, press the New button to create a new signature for your business card.


Provide the name of your choice and press OK


Now select ‘personal stationery’  and select signature to edit.


Now select the contact you want to add to the signature


Choose ‘save’ option flashing in the signature editor dialog box. A VCF file is now ready


Exit Outlook

Changing the Registry Editor

Before making any change in the VCF file, we recommend you to create the back up of the file.

Go to the Start button in Windows and select ‘Run’

In the Run dialog box, write ‘Regedit’ which will access the registry editor. Press OK


In the User Account Dialog box, press Yes tab

Browse the registry key


Here you can see the business card has been created

Copy the value by double click


Exit from Registry Editor

Changing Signature

In the Signature and Stationery box, select the image of the card and remove it


Now, press the save button on the Select signature to edit box and finally click ok.


Exit from Outlook

Changing the Registry

You will have to open the registry editor again. You can notice the default business card signature has deleted. Now, you can create your own value.

In the Registry Editor, click Edit, from the drop-down select New and then String Value.


In new value, rename your previous created signature


Double click on the new value and copy paste the value that you have copied earlier


Note- If you have forgotten the path and name of the VCF file, you can come to know. Press the Signature option.

After adding new value, exit from Registry Editor


Open Outlook and press New E-mail. If the new signature is selected, it will create automatically.

Else you need click on Signatures and then select the signature without an image.

Now, the VCF file will be selected without signature in the message body.


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