Adding and organizing contact in MS outlook

Adding & Organizing Contacts in MS Outlook

Without managing contacts, smooth communication cannot possible. In the MS Outlook, there is a specific address book folder to retain all important contacts. You cannot completely rely on NK2 files. The contact details can be anything such as name, date of birth, email and phone number. Below are some useful techniques to manage Outlook contacts and utilizing them strategically.

Creating a Contact in MS Outlook

In the navigation pane, press “Contacts” tab and then “New” in the menu bar.


There is a shortcut, press “CTRL+Shift+C” to create a new contact.

By default, Outlook saves information a person in a  vCard 2.1. You have to carefully fill the information manually. As it is done, press “Save and New” in the menu bar. The data will be saved and a new blank vCard will pop up.


Note: For a single file, there could be more than one entries. For example, There can be two phone numbers or email addresses. For this, press “Drop-Down” arrow next to that specific field. If you wish to add photo, press “Add Contact Picture” button.

Creating New Outlook Contact Considering Existing Contact

Sometimes when multiple contacts with some common information are created, the existing contact can be copied and edit the other fields like name, phone number and address are changed.

To achieve this, press on the contact, copy it (CTRL+C) and then paste it (CTRL+V). It will create a duplicate. Now open it to make the required changes.

Creating Contact for an Email Sender

When you receive an email from a new mailer and want to save the email address, Outlook gives the flexibility to save the address.


To achieve this, access the email of the sender and right click on the address. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Add to Outlook Contacts’. A V-Card will open and the data will be saved. If you wish to save more details of the particular contact, V-Card allows you to do so.

Creating Contact from Electronic Business Card

Sometimes vCard is attached to an email which is saved as an Outlook contact. You can create contacts from vCard.

Open the message holding vCard and right click on the vCard to select ‘Add to contacts’. If you wish to add more information, you can.


It may possible that the contact you are saving is already in existence. When you save the contact, the Outlook will ask if ‘you want to update information of selected contact’, press the update tab. The existing contact will be updated.

Creating Contacts in Public Folder

To perform the action, it is essential that Outlook is configured with Exchange Server.

Open the Public Folder where you would like to add and create contacts.

In case, the Public Folder is not found in Navigation Pane, press “Folder List” in the navigation pane and check for “Public Folders-username” folder.

You can use the search tool to locate the public folder.

The method to create and add a contact to the public folder is not different than creating a contact in Outlook. You may apply shortcut CTRL+Shift+C and save details in vCard.

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