How to Automatically Cc: All Mail You Send in Outlook

Manual selection of CC can be painful when hundreds of emails are sent in one day. In case of regular CC recipient or when you want to CC yourself without making manual typing of the email address while sending/replying the emails then there is an automated process available. This process will get over in few minutes if followed step by step. Unfortunately, overwork like scenarios may make you forget about to add recipient in CC field. This mistake may cause severe problems in the organizational platform. There is nothing to get confused regarding the instructions for automatically adding the Cc in email while sending in MS Outlook.he same message.

How to Automatically Cc: All Mail You Send in Outlook?

Here are the steps that will help you ahead:

  1. First of all press Home and Create New in the Quick Steps group as shown in the screenshot below:

  1. Go to Edit Quick Step dialog box and open it, type the name for new quick step in the Name box. Select Reply from Choose an Action drop down list. Find the screenshot below:

outlook cc reply

  1. Then, click the linked text Show Options for expanding the options. After clicking Show options, also click the linked text Add ‘Cc’ to show ‘To’ field. Enter your email ID in ‘To’ field. Find the screenshot below:

edit quick steps

  1. Enter ‘Finish’. New quick step is created and added in Quick Steps box. 

Choose the email which you need to reply. Press new created quick steps in Quick Steps box. This will lead to reply message window to be opened including yourself in Cc field automatically.

Ensure for Automatic Cc: All Mail You Send in Outlook Auto Cc. In this regard, go through the following mentioned steps:

  1. Start the process by launching Outlook. Ensure to be in mail fold. Click Home >> Rules>> Manage Rules & Alerts. Find the screenshot below:

rules and alerts

  1. Go to opening Rules and Alerts dialog box and click New Rule button on the E-mail Rules tab. Catch the glimpse of the screenshot given above.
  2. Go to Rules Wizard and press Apply rule on messages I send option. Press ‘Next’ button as shown in the screenshot below:

  1. Configure as shown below:
  2. Check via specified account option
  3. Click linked text of the specified
  • In the opening Account dialog box, mention the email account with which you will work and press ‘OK’.
  1. Also, Click ‘Next’ button.

Checkout the screenshot below:

  1. In the new Rules Wizard dialog box, check Cc the email to people or public group option, and press the lined text of people or public group. Get the glimpse of the screenshot below:

rules wizard

  1. Go to Rule Address dialog box and specify the contact which you want to automatically cc email to. Press OK button as shown in the screenshot below:

Rules Wizard

  1. Click ‘Next’ button twice in the Rules Wizard dialog box and get into the last Rules Wizard dialog box. Do not forget to name the new rule in the Step 1: Specify the name for the rule box. Press ‘Finish’. Go through the screenshot below:

Rules Wizard

  1. This will move back to the dialog, press ‘OK’ button, this will create the CC rule. In case, you do not want to enable rule, you can uncheck it.

Once you send or forward the email message to the others with specified account, your A/C or the particular cc recipient will catch the same message.

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