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How to View, Create & Delete MS Outlook Calendar Group in 2010

When users have both MS Outlook and Exchange Server account, they can create a calendar group which allows to view work of colleagues and friends who are in a group. It also allows users to view combined schedules without disturbing others who are in the group. The contact in your address book can automatically add […]

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Detailed Information on Outlook Calendar

If you are using MS Outlook, you should know about its key features to get more from the email client. There is a special feature called Outlook Calendar which has numerous advantages that one should know. A calendar is used for scheduling and meeting management tasks. It is connected with Outlook emails, contacts and other […]

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How to import ICS files to Thunderbird email client?

ICS file – ICS file is a standard format used by various email clients to store calendar information such as tasks, events, journals etc. Thunderbird – Thunderbird is an open source, desktop email client developed by Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird application is free of cost and can be installed easily. Why there is a need to […]

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How to save Outlook calendars separately in ICS format?

Mostly, Outlook users save their all information in it. They not only use Outlook to send or receive emails but manage their contacts and calendars. Outlook provides the facility to their users to manage their calendars and to create an appointment as per their requirements. Before moving ahead, let us take an overview about ICS […]

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How to Import Google Calendar to MS Outlook?

If you want to import your Google Calendar into Outlook, you don’t need to make another calendar into Outlook. Here is the way to import Google Calendars to MS Outlook. By importing your calendar into Outlook, it allows you to comfortably view all your meetings and scheduled appointments within a single application. Reasons to import […]

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How to export an Outlook calendar to Google Calendar ?

The whole process is defined in two stages – Export calendar from Outlook Import calendar into Google calendar Export calendar from Outlook These are the steps for exporting your Outlook calendar to Google calendar – Open Microsoft Outlook Open calendar and select the calendar you want to export Click File > Save calendar Type a […]

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