Converting IMAP to POP3

Conversion from IMAP to POP3 needs you to follow some steps. There is no direct way to transfer data. While transferring IMAP to POP3, make sure the server is mitigating. In Outlook 2010-2013, the Auto account setup will make the task a bit easier. But in Outlook 2007, you will have to configure.

Step 1- Adding POP3 Account

Mind the Outlook version you are using because the account setup process is a bit different for different versions.

For Outlook 2003

Go to Tools >> E-mail Account >> Options >> Select: Add an E-mail account

For Outlook 2007

Go to Tools >> Account Settings >> press the new tab >> Add a New Email account

For Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013

Select File >> Section Info >> Account Settings >> Account Settings >> Add email account

In Outlook 2010 and 2013, fill up the fields like name, email, and password. The Outlook will perform an automatic search. Once it is over, you will get a confirmation message on your screen. If any reason, the auto-configuration fails, users can go for manual configuration through the option ‘Manually Configure Server Setting or Additional Server Types.’

While configuring a POP3 account in Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013, users should go through the details once again. If you don’t have the settings, confirm from your respective email provider to confirm POP3 setting details.

The server settings of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo can be collected from their respective site.


The image of manual configuration.

During configuration of the POP3 account, users can able to set up the removable date of the data.

Step 2- Moving the Mail Folders

As your account connects with your latest POP3 account, all emails present in the inbox of your IMAP account will transfer to the POP3 account. But the sent items and sub-folders data will be not downloaded. The reason is that POP3 only downloads the inbox data.

To move data, users can apply the drag and drop method or copy the data. While dragging the data, click the right button of your mouse to either copy or move data.


To transfer data without any glitch, make your POP3 account empty. It will help you to avoid duplicate content. The calendar items can be exported safely by placing Calendar Folder in a list view.

Step 3 Deleting the Present IMAP Account

Go to the account setting option to remove the current IMAP account.

If you are using Outlook 2003, choose the option ‘view or change existing email accounts’ to proceed to the account details.

The removing process is a bit lengthy in Outlook 2013. Select ‘Data’ option, then POP3 mailbox store holding the PST file and finally press ‘set as default.’

Don’t forget to click the restart button of your laptop while switching from IMAP to POP3.

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