Customizing the Journal Entry Types

Automatic Journal is an appealing feature which keeps the record of your data without much effort. But when it comes to print the journal entry, entering the data manually is beneficial. Users can customize journals. Users can customize categories for multiple items in Outlook 2010. It will help you organize your journals. By customizing the journal type, users can able to locate the journal items easily.

During the creation of the journal entry manual, Outlook 2010 takes it that users are creating the journal entry for a phone call. So, you will have to set the entry type as a phone call. MS Outlook offers varieties of options for entry type. You can enter any of your choices. The default type covers all the aspect like phone calls initiated, documents sent or received, etc.


Outlook doesn’t give permission to change the default entry type directly. It sets with Phone call entry. Users should know that the new entry type cannot be changed in the journal but the registry can be edited. The prime reason for it is that the entry type list is available in the Registry section. Below are the steps to change the entry type in the Registry.

Steps to Change the Default Phone Entry

Note- While making changes in the registry keys, always keep backup of the setting. Any type of error can affect the setting of the Operating system.

To access the Registry editor, type Regedit in the start button box.


Navigate to the location HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Outlook\Journaling


Open the folder Journaling and select the entry Phone Call.


Select the DescriptionID and from the drop-down, select Delete.


Click to confirm in order to Delete the DescriptionID.


Right click on Journaling and select New Key. Give a unique name to the key.

Add value to the new key. In the Registry Editor, right-click to select new then String Value.


Specify the Newly created value as Description.

Double click on the newly Generated key to making changes in the data field.

Now, users can edit the description.

The method helps to make changes in the journal type manually.

Once it is done, select Ok and close the editor.


MS Outlook has been using for years. Journals is one of the best features of MS Outlook. You can get most of the Journal by customizing it.

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