Detailed Information on Outlook Calendar

If you are using MS Outlook, you should know about its key features to get more from the email client. There is a special feature called Outlook Calendar which has numerous advantages that one should know.

A calendar is used for scheduling and meeting management tasks. It is connected with Outlook emails, contacts and other facilities of MS Outlook.

Advantages of MS Outlook Calendar

  • Create Appointment & Event
    If you don’t want to miss your office meetings, use the interesting feature of MS Outlook. It allows you to schedule an appointment at any day and pick up the slot. For the slot, add a written message or sound reminder. Now, Outlook will remind you about your meetings and appointments. Make sure to provide the schedule with a proper name and the date.
  • Forming Meetings
    If you wish to make a meeting request, Outlook will help you. The great tool allows you to track your meeting request. You can check who has accepted the invitation and who has declined. You can even check who has requested to set other time for the meeting. The invitation is sent through mail and it will directly go to the inbox of the recipient. The request can be declined and accepted with just one click.
  • Group Scheduling
    Outlook allows its users to create a schedule for a group. Create your customized group and send your schedule. The feature saves the time of any organization by sending the schedule to the desired people.
  • Side by Side View
    The side by side view saves time of users because it allows you to view more than one calendar at a time. It means users can view calendars side by side. You can go through your personal as well as professional schedules in no time.
  • Linking MS SharePoint Sites to MS Outlook Calendars
    Users who are using a SharePoint point can be benefited with the feature. SharePoint users can manage to display the listing of an event of Outlook Calenders on the site. When you are offline, you can make desirable changes in the listing. As you come online, the changes will be automatically updated in the site.
  • Sharing Calendars
    You can share your calendar information with the help of an Internet calendar. The feature gives control to sharing. The shared information will be saved in an attachment type which will be shown in MS Outlook.
  • Publishing Calendars on Online Outlook
    You can easily publish calendars on online Outlook when you have Outlook available in online Microsoft
  • Accessing Other’s Calendars
    Evaluating your own calendar to manage other’s calendar with the feature Delegate Access is now possible. On behalf of a manager, an executive can able to manage calendars. He can create, delete and move meetings.
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