How to Extract Attachments from MS Outlook PST

Outlook PST Extractor has been designed after analysing user’s needs for Outlook. You all know that Outlook restricts you to view its data on other email platforms. PST Extractor is an effort to remove the restriction of Outlook to some extent. The tool allows you to export PST attachments to several file extensions including .jpg, .png, .zip, .txt and .pdf.  Export of PDF attachments to PDF indicates that you can open your Outlook attachments to any platform. The tool makes your conversion task straight and simple.

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Extract Attachments with Accuracy

Quality is not compromised during data export process. The tool takes care of accuracy of PST attachments. No content structure is changed and lost.

Extract Attachments of Only Healthy PST Files

No corrupt files are supported by the program. It offers extraction of only healthy PST files.

Allow Extraction of Only the Selected Files

PST Attachment Extractor works as per user’s desire. Users have freedom to select the PST file that they actually want to retrieve data.

Remove Duplicates

It has in-built feature of removing duplicate attachments based on file name and size. It is an optional feature that you can choose.

Support Different File Extensions

PST Attachment Extractor has been designed on modern algorithm. It supports to save extracted data on different file extensions including JPG, PNG, PDF etc…

Work Independently

PST Extractor work independently. It has been designed to work smoothly on all the latest Windows operating systems like XP and Vista.

Extraordinary Features

PST Extractor exports contacts to vCard and calendars to ICS format. It extracts email addresses as per your desire.

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