How do I recover a deleted email in Outlook?

How do I recover a deleted email in Outlook?

If you have deleted an email in Outlook, you can try to recover it by opening the “Deleted Items” folder and searching for the email. If it is not in the “Deleted Items” folder, you can try using the “Recover Deleted Items” feature. In Outlook, go to the “Recover Deleted Items” button in the “Deleted Items” folder and choose the email you want to recover. It will be restored to the “Deleted Items” folder. You can then move it to another folder.

If you are using an account, you can try using the “Recover Your Deleted Email” feature. Go to the “Deleted” folder and click on the “Recover Your Deleted Email” link. Then, follow the instructions to try to recover the deleted email.

If you are unable to recover the deleted email, you may need to contact your email provider’s support team for assistance.

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