How to convert contact details from CSV file to VCF format?

CSV files are used by some people to store contact information exported from various applications like Yahoo, Gmail etc. It is a simple format to store tabular data in plain text.

VCF file is the most widely used format for saving contact information. Entire contact details like name, address, phone number and other details. VCF file format allows support of images and other media content.

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Why need CSV Contacts conversion to VCF format?

  • VCF is a universal format that is used widely by an individual or an organization
  • VCF file format stores all contact details along with images and media content
  • VCF format support special characters but they are not supported in CSV format
  • There is no need for any kind of application to read VCF files

How to convert CSV file to VCF format?

There is no manual method possible to export CSV to VCF format directly. However, you may find some indirect ways that will help you to convert CSV files to VCF format but they have their own limitations that’s why more users prefer third-party application software.

As there is no short way to export CSV files into VCF format people tend to move towards third-party solutions. Moreover, the time taken by these indirect ways is too much.

Due to the user issues and queries for the best method for conversion of CSV contacts to VCF format, we have developed a trusted tool which is named Softaken CSV to VCF Converter

Softaken CSV to VCF Converter – a perfect solution to export CSV contacts details to VCF format

The utility is capable to export all contact details into VCF format without any loss of any file. The interface of the software is designed in well mannered by the developers so that any new user can easily handle the software. The software is well-suited to all the users whether they are professionals or not.

Softaken CSV to VCF Converter working

Step 1. Upload CSV files – The first step is to upload the required CSV file for conversion in VCF format. There is no issue of any dimension.

Step 2. Mapping of contact fields – In the next step, you can set the contact fields as per your requirements and desires.

Step 3. Provide a location to save the results – Finally, the software asks you to introduce a path to store the outcomes.


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