How to convert PST emails to MBOX format effectively?

If you are an Outlook user, your information is saving in OST and PST file format. If a user wants to move PST emails to MBOX format due to any of the reasons, he/she does not want any loss of their information so they want a full and sufficient method for converting PST emails to MBOX format.

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Reasons for converting PST emails to MBOX format

Both Outlook and Thunderbird are popular email clients however there may be reasons when a user wants to transfer PST emails to MBOX format.

  • Change in a job environment
  • Switching from Windows to Mac operating system
  • User get bored of Outlook and want to move to Thunderbird
  • By switching to MBOX format, a user can import MBOX file to multiple email clients like Apple Mail, Entourage, SeaMonkey, Spicebird, Pocomail, OperaMail and many other email clients.

Apart from this, there could be several reasons for the conversion of PST emails to MBOX format.

  • Thunderbird email client is an open source client
  • Thunderbird works with multiple operating systems
  • Thunderbird contains MBOX file that can be supported in multiple email clients

How to perform PST emails conversion to MBOX format?

There are two techniques for conversion of PST emails to MBOX format –

  1. Manual technique
  2. Professional technique

A user generally thinks of using manual method first because it doesn’t involve any investment. Let’s discuss the manual approach first.

  • First, install Outlook and Thunderbird email client in your system
  • Open control panel
  • Set default programs
  • Choose Outlook as your default application
  • Then launch Thunderbird application
  • Click on tools in Thunderbird application and click on import
  • Click on Mail and Next
  • Select Outlook from the email client and click next
  • Select Outlook PST emails from a storage location and click open
  • Click Finish and your Outlook emails get converted to MBOX format.

Now, some users find this method inconvenient for them due to several reasons like –

  • Lack of technical knowledge about Thunderbird email client
  • It seems to be lengthy and complex due to the various steps
  • It is not an accurate solution for a large amount of data
  • A user need not to go to several programs like Control panel, Outlook, Thunderbird as shown in manual methods because it takes a lot of time of the user.

For these users, developers suggested some third-party solutions because professionals always want an accurate and fast conversion method. One of the popular third-party solutions is Datavare PST to MBOX Converter.

Get some of the beneficial features of the software –

  • Full accuracy and exactness in emails conversion
  • Export of filtered PST emails as per user needs
  • Full security of emails without any file missing
  • No need to install Outlook and Thunderbird
  • Get a clear preview of required PST emails before conversion
  • No need to move to multiple interfaces

How to import MBOX files into Entourage email client?

If you want to import MBOX files into Entourage email client, just follow the given below easy steps –

  • Install and open Entourage email client to your system
  • Go to File > Import > Contacts or messages from a text file > Import messages from MBOX file
  • Drag and drop MBOX files into Entourage folder window


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