How to create and add a signature to messages in Outlook?

In Outlook, you can create a personalized signature for your email messages. Your signature includes text, images, business card, logo or image of your handwritten signature.

There are many ways to add a signature to your Outlook emails. Some easy ways are discussed here for you.

Creation of signature to your messages

  • Open your Outlook and open a new email message
  • Click on Signatures

  • A new window appears, add your signature to it and in edit signature, you can create our signature and customize it with various colors, size, alignments etc.
  • Click OK

  • Under ‘choose default signature’ Fill ‘Email account details’ for which you want to create a signature. You can add the signatures to new messages or on all email messages, you can specify it in ‘New Message option’. Similarly, you can set an option ‘Replies/forward’ so that your signature will appear only to the messages you reply to and forward.
  • Click OK

Add a logo and image to your signature

  • Open a new message and select Signatures > Signatures

  • Under signature, a new window is opened.
  • In Edit signature, choose the signature you want to add in the logo or image.
  • Select Image icon next to Business Card and locate an image file or logo to it.
  • Click OK


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