How to Create Daily Task List Planner in MS Outlook

Outlook is loaded with multiple varieties of features. Among all of them, the Daily Task List Planner is one of the best platforms to give balance to appointments and text. With the introduction of the feature, the traditional way to keep a record of day to day planner is going to end. You don’t need to maintain paperwork for daily, weekly and monthly of a planner. All you need to do is to maintain Task List Planner in MS Outlook Calendar. Corporates have to manage countless task on a daily basis. The Outlook feature allows them to do it within a few minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Using the Daily Task List Planner will not let you miss any task
  • Help you manage a similar task
  • Allow you to set priority to a task
  • Enable you to manage to carry over task easily

At the bottom of the calendar, MS Outlook features the task of that particular day. It is called the Daily Task List.


It gives the insight of day and week tasks in a tabular format. You can see the start date and due date. You can also rearrange the task by dragging them. You can create a Daily Task List Planner by adding the subject.

Activating Daily List Planner

Follow these simple steps to active the feature.

Start MS Outlook and select calendar

Go to View tab

From the drop-down, select ‘Daily task list’ option

The sub-menu list will open, press the tab ‘Normal’

Normal view: the daily task planner will be shown below the calendar.

Minimized view: Daily task planner is not visible. It shows active tasks and completed task number

Off: Don’t show the daily task planner

The normal view will be appeared like this.

The normal view will have appeared like this.

View Full Screen Daily Task List in Task Folder

In Outlook, Task folder can be viewed as full calendar and customized.

Select the Task folder.

Define new view

In Outlook 2003:

Go to View, select arrange by, press the tab Current View and Define View

In MS Outlook 2007

Go to View, select Current View and then Define View

In MS Outlook 2010

Go to View, press Change View, then Manage View and finally New.

Give a unique name to view and select the type (Daily or Monthly)

Press Ok to create a new view dialog

Again press OK for advance view setting

Click on apply view.

Click on months to show the entire month.

Now, a day task can be set. Enter the task manually and press enter

To create multiple tasks, you can click on the Down Arrow.


Daily Task Planner is a very helpful feature on MS Outlook. Go ahead to use it.

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