How to deal with emails stuck in Outbox folder in Outlook?

Having emails stuck in Outbox is a very common issue for Outlook users. Suppose you have written an email to send to a user but Outlook is not sending the email and the email goes to outbox automatically. This problem arises several times to the users of Outlook and it can be faced by the users in any versions of MS Outlook.

Now, the issue is what are the reasons behind it and how to resolve this problem

Reasons behind emails stuck in outbox rather than sending to the receiver

Internet connectivity – If there is an issue of internet connectivity, the email will not send to the receiver and it automatically moves to outbox folder.

Server issue – Server crash issues may result in stucking of emails in the outbox.

Mail server settings issue – Your mail server settings should be up to date.

Daily email sending limit exceeded – If you have exceeded daily email sending limit. You will not be able to send emails anymore.

Password change – One of the reasons to find Outlook emails stuck in outbox is password change issue. If you change the password of your email account and you forgot to change the password of Outlook.

Solutions to get the email out of the outbox

There are various solutions to this problem –

Open and close

It is the easiest and quickest way to unlock the message from Outbox. Open the message in outbox with a double click and close it again. Now select the message and press delete or move it to drafts folder to resent it.

Offline mode

  • Start Outlook
  • Click on send/receive tab
  • Click work offline

Safe mode

You can start Outlook in safe mode, hold CTRL button on the keyboard when clicking on Outlook shortcut and hold CTRL button down until you see the dialog below and choose ‘yes’


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