How to export an Outlook calendar to Google Calendar ?

The whole process is defined in two stages –

  1. Export calendar from Outlook
  2. Import calendar into Google calendar

Export calendar from Outlook

These are the steps for exporting your Outlook calendar to Google calendar –

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Open calendar and select the calendar you want to export
  • Click File > Save calendar

  • Type a name for the calendar file in File Name box
  • Click More options
  • Click the Date Range and select the data you want to include in calendar file. You can click specify dates and enter a range there.

  • Click Details and select the amount of details as per your desires
  • Click OK

Now import the calendar into Google calendar

  • Login to your Google calendar account
  • Click on wheel icon and go to settings
  • Select Import/Export
  • Click select the file from your system
  • Choose the file you created when you exported calendars from Outlook and click Open
  • Click Import
  • Click back arrow at the top left corner to return to calendar.


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