How to get rid of the password prompt every time you open Outlook?

If you are a person who upgraded his/her Windows operating system like from Windows OS 8 to Windows 10. In this process, Outlook undergoes various transformations and a user may face unexpected errors like ‘Outlook continually prompts for password’, the reason behind is some Outlook settings errors.

While upgradation of Windows, it improves your system performance and its efficiency but may cause some damage to the software installed because many system settings are changed or modified which causes the ‘Outlook continually prompt for password’ issue.

To resolve these issues, we have provided many solutions that are given below for you. You can use any of the solutions and overcome your issues effectively.

Solutions of ‘Outlook continually prompts for password’ issue

  • Check MS Outlook installation working – First, you need to check your MS Outlook working. It should be up-to-date with the latest service pack. You should remove all previously saved Outlook credentials.
  • Manually reset login settings in Outlook – You can manually reset login settings using Windows credentials manager. The following are the steps that you should follow –
    • Go to Control Panel > Account and Family > Credentials Manager
    • Check the credentials that has MS Outlook as its name for mail server
    • Click on the name and click ‘Remove from vaults’
    • Repeat all the above steps for all set of credentials that start with word ‘Outlook’
    • Close Credentials Manager and Control Panel
    • Launch Outlook
  • Enable ‘Remember password’ option – Sometimes, you forget to enable ‘Remember password’ option. For this, launch Outlook and go to File Tab > Account settings

Select the required account

Enable ‘Remember password ‘option

  • Restart your system – You should simply restart your system to refresh the working performed on it.
  • Fix Outlook PST error through ScanPST.exe – There may be some issue with your Outlook PST file. This can be done by the given below steps –
    • Navigate to the directory where you have installed your Outlook
    • Locate ScanPST.exe and launch it
    • Follow the instructions to repair the damages with Outlook PST file

Fix your problems with Outlook PST file using third-party solution i.e. Softaken Outlook PST Repair tool

If you are unable to resolve Outlook PST error with ScanPST.exe, no need to worry as the user might find difficulty in understanding the manual method due to technicality issues. In this case, you should go for Softaken Outlook PST Repair software that works simply with three steps for you in repairing Outlook PST files. You can recover any size PST file with this software.

We have provided you various solutions in this article. You may choose any option to resolve this error as per your requirements