How to Import Google Calendar to MS Outlook?

If you want to import your Google Calendar into Outlook, you don’t need to make another calendar into Outlook. Here is the way to import Google Calendars to MS Outlook. By importing your calendar into Outlook, it allows you to comfortably view all your meetings and scheduled appointments within a single application.

Reasons to import Google calendar to MS Outlook

There are many reasons behind importing Google calendar to MS Outlook –

  • If a user was using Gmail account but now he/she switched to Outlook so he/she need to import Google calendar to MS Outlook.
  • Google calendars are accessed online only but when you import them to Microsoft Outlook, you can access them in Offline mode.

How to perform the task of Google calendar importing to MS Outlook?

The whole task can be performed in two stages. Both are discussed below for you –

Step 1. Export your Google Calendar

  • Login to your Gmail account and choose calendar
  • Go to my calendars > Settings
  • Choose export calendars
  • Select a location to save the extracted file
  • Go to the location and unzip the file and choose Extract all

The extracted file will appear as –

Step 2. Import your Google calendar to Outlook

  • Open Outlook email client and go to calendars
  • Select File > Open & Export > Import/export
  • In the import/export window, choose ‘import an iCalendar’ (.ics)
  • Click Next
  • Browse the file which you have extracted earlier and Click Ok
  • Select Import in the next window

Finally, go to your Outlook calendar, you will find Google calendar events there.

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