How to merge multiple small attachments of Outlook PST file?

Attachments are a great addition to email files. But sometimes, In Outlook or any other email client, small attachments create a pile that can’t be handled easily and the user starts searching for the solution to manage these small attachments as it is a tedious task for you to go through all the files.

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Reasons for merging PST attachments?

There are several reasons behind merging PST attachments which are discussed below for you –

  • To avoid accidental deletion
  • To save time in finding these attachments
  • To avoid sharing of files one by one which is a lengthy process
  • To effectively manage PST attachments

Sometimes, users find a need in his/her business to send all the important attached files to a person. Searching and sending these attachments one by one is really a tough and irritating task. Merging these attachments into one will be helpful at that moment to the user.

How to merge multiple PST attachments?

There are two techniques available in the market for combining multiple small PST attachments –

  1. Manual technique
  2. Professional technique

Manual method steps

Manual method works in two stages –

  • Create new blank PST file
  • Merge old PST file to newly created file

Create new blank PST file

  • Open MS Outlook
  • Click on new items and choose more options
  • Choose Outlook file
  • Select desired location to save the results
  • Click OK

Merge old PST to newly created file

  • To merge all existing PST files into new one, follow the given below steps
  • Go to File Menu on MS Outlook
  • Select open button and choose import
  • Now, the next window appears, select ‘Import from another program or file’
  • Click Next button
  • Select Outlook data file
  • Click next and browse a location to import
  • Enable ‘remove duplicates’
  • Click Finish button

Some users do not consider manual method because of its various limitations like it has chances of data loss and it seems to be lengthy so users move to third-party solutions. Many third-party solutions are available on the internet. Now choosing the best one among them is an important decision which should be taken very carefully.

To avoid these issues, developers have suggested the best Merge PST tool by Softaken

Professional technique – Softaken Merge PST tool

Softaken Merge PST tool allows merging PST files with high speed with full accuracy. No changes will be created by the software to the content and other information. The tool has a simple interface that can be handled easily by any user. The software provides you various features that will enhance your working.

Working of Softaken Merge PST software

Step 1. Selection of Outlook PST files – Load required PST files for merging using ‘Add files’ option. You will get a clear preview of loaded PST files.

Step 2. Provide output location – Now, using the ‘Browse’ button, select a path to your system to save the output results.

Step 3. Merging options – The software will provide you various options for merging Outlook PST files. You can select any option as per your requirements. You can use advance options and remove duplicate or deleted content.

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