How to move DBX emails to MBOX format?

If you are planning to move your DBX emails to MBOX format. We are providing you the solution to your problem. Both DBX file and MBOX file are supported by different email clients so a need arises sometimes for the conversion of DBX emails to MBOX format.

DBX file – DBX file is supported by Outlook Express email client to store the emails and other information by the users.

MBOX file – MBOX file is supported by Thunderbird email client to store all the information. MBOX file is also supported by various email clients.

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Reasons to move DBX mailbox to MBOX format

There are many reasons for moving DBX emails to MBOX format –

  • If a user wants to switch Windows XP and wants to move to Mac operating system, he/she needs to convert DBX files to MBOX format to access their old data files.
  • Job switching is one of the other reason for conversion of DBX emails to MBOX format.

Apart from these, many reasons are also there for users to move to MBOX file format from DBX.

  • Working speed – Working speed of Thunderbird email client is high and extremely good.
  • Security features – Thunderbird email client is more prone to corruption of any file.
  • Performance – Working performance of Thunderbird is also good and it works with multiple operating systems.
  • Thunderbird features – Thunderbird is an open source and free email client
  • Windows compatibility – Outlook Express works only in Windows XP but Thunderbird can be easily installed on any Windows versions. Moreover, it works on Mac, Linux etc.

How to transfer emails from DBX to MBOX?

There are two techniques for conversion of DBX emails to MBOX format –

  1. Manual technique
  2. Third- party Softaken DBX to MBOX Converter

Manual method steps

Step 1. Start Outlook Express and wait until the emails are loaded

Step 2. After that click on File tab and click Export button and select messages

Step 3. A next window appears, select your emails to export and select Next button

Step 4. Exporting process begins here. It depends on the number of email files how much time it will take.

Step 5. When the process finished, find the backup copy of DBX files created earlier. To find the file Go to Tools > options and select store folder tab.

Step 6. A new window will appear that shows the directory folder that shows .dbx file.

Step 7. Now open Thunderbird email client

Step 8. Click on Tools option and select import

Step 9. Click Next

Challenges in performing manual migration

Quite lengthy – Manual method seems to be lengthy as it involves various steps so it takes more time in conversion.

Complex in nature – Manual method can’t be easily understood by any user. A non-technical person can get some difficulties to follow them.  

Threat of data loss – There is no surety of data files. They might be corrupted or lost during the import and export process.

Software method – Softaken DBX to MBOX Converter, the best one for migration without any data loss

Softaken DBX to MBOX Converter is the best solution for migration of DBX emails to MBOX format without any data loss. Any user can operate this software without having any technical skills.  The software has only three steps working that will help the user to get the results quickly.

 Step 1. Load required DBX file

Step 2. Selection of import type

Step 3. Set path to save the results


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