How to move Outlook files to Apple Mail format?

In this era of multiple operating systems, migration of Outlook files to Apple Mail is not an easy task. Users get various solutions online such as manual methods are also available for the required conversion. But it is necessary to know how to safely and accurately export Outlook emails to Apple mail format.

Before moving to the conversion process and its working, it is required to know about both these email clients and the reasons for moving of Outlook files to Apple Mail format –

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Microsoft Outlook – Microsoft Outlook is one of the finest and most popular email clients for Windows users introduced by Microsoft. It manages all your emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, appointments etc. and work as a personal manager for the user. Outlook support saving of information in OST and PST file format.

Apple Mail – Apple Mail is the default email client with Mac operating system and its support saving of information in MBOX format. Apple Mail is introduced by Next Mail.

What are the reasons for switching Outlook to Apple Mail?

There are many reasons due to which a user wants to move to Apple Mail from Outlook –

  • If a user wants to move from Windows to Mac operating system, he/she needs a conversion of Outlook files to Apple Mail format to access them as Apple Mail is not supported by Windows operating system.
  • Using Outlook, a user can’t send heavy size files but this facility is available on Apple Mail. Using Apple Mail, you can easily send files up to 5 GB using Mail Drop cloud service.
  • If your organization might be changing the email client from Outlook to Apple Mail
  • Apple Mail has good security features
  • Apple is free of cost which comes with every Mac system

How to convert Outlook emails to Apple Mail?

You are free to use any of the methods for conversion of Outlook emails to Apple Mail. A manual method is also available. Get the steps of manual method –

  • Go to your Outlook email client
  • Click on file > Account settings > data files
  • Click on the required account and then open file location and save the file to your system
  • Install Mail Monkey on your Mac operating system
  • Import your PST files to it
  • Export PST file to MBOX format
  • Then, import MBOX file top Apple Mail

You may notice that in this method, you need to go through many platforms which can’t be easily understood by any non-technical person. Moreover, Outlook and Mail Monkey installation is required which makes the whole conversion complex and lengthy.

Get a professional method – Mailvita PST to MBOX Converter for Mac

Due to the pitfalls of the manual method, it is suggested by the users to use an error-free and reliable solution for conversion of Outlook files to Apple Mail format i.e. Mailvita PST to MBOX Converter for Mac

Get the entire working of the software –

Step 1. Adding of PST files – The first step is adding of PST files to the software wizard. By clicking on add files options, you can easily load PST files to the software wizard.

Step 2. Get a clean preview of loaded files – The next step is to have a look of your files to check their accuracy at one before their conversion.

Step 3. Choose the output format – You can save the files into single or multiple folders as per your requirements.

Step 4. Choose the path to save results – At last, specify a path to save the results. It can be a new folder or an existing folder to save the results.

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