How to save Outlook calendars separately in ICS format?

Mostly, Outlook users save their all information in it. They not only use Outlook to send or receive emails but manage their contacts and calendars. Outlook provides the facility to their users to manage their calendars and to create an appointment as per their requirements. Before moving ahead, let us take an overview about ICS format.

ICS Format – ICS is a calendar format used widely by many email applications and calendar programs. ICS format allows users to publish and share calendar information over email. It allows users to send meeting requests and tasks to other users.

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How calendars are saved separately in ICS format?

There are various ways to save Outlook calendars separately in ICS format. One of the methods is manual method and the other one is third-party applications.

If a user wants to opt manual method. Given below are the steps of manual conversion.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Click calendar
  • Save the calendars
  • Choose ICS format in save as type
  • Click on more options
  • Open data range and specify date to select the amount of days that you want to convert or whole calendars
  • Open the menu next to details
  • Click on advanced show and choose the options as per your needs
  • Click OK

Limitations of manual method

  • Not fully accurate and reliable method
  • Technical expertise required to follow these steps
  • Complexity in the whole method
  • More intellectuality needed
  • Lengthy procedure

Some users found manual method not suitable for them so they move towards third-party solutions. One of the best solutions for them is Softaken Outlook PST Extractor tool

Softaken Outlook PST Extractor software is capable to extract all calendars from Outlook and enable their saving in ICS format with minimal efforts. The software easily works on all versions of MS Outlook and there is no size limit created by the software. It is a user-friendly tool that can be easily handled by any user without any complexities. No changes to the data quality are done during the extraction process. A free demo is also available that will help the new users to handle the license version of the software by getting familiar with the software features in demo version.

How use Softaken Outlook PST Extractor?

Step 1. Loading required Outlook PST files – The foremost step is selection of required Outlook PST files. The user is free to load any size PST file.

Step 2. Selection of exported type – The second step is selection of the items whom you want to extract. Here, we will choose ‘calendars’ as per our need.

Step 3. Set output destination – The final step is to locate output destination where you want to save the results.


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