How to Set Up an Out of Office Vacation Auto-Reply in Outlook

This often happens with computer users that they do not plan anything to check out the emails while moving on an unplanned holiday or when get occupied in a conference. However, if they have not considered this task seriously till now, must get into action now! You must know the ways to set up an Out of Office Vacation Auto-Reply in Outlook. The automatic response facility creates a privilege for your colleagues to get into touch with you even when you are extremely busy. You can inform them who to contact in your absence.

Microsoft® Outlook provides a wonderful facility to send the automated replies to the people in the workplace or to others as well. Via this option, user can set end date as well as start date, which will start sending the messages the moment you leave your workplace and stop when you are back to the workplace. Some of the step by step instructions mentioned below:

  1. Start the process by clicking ‘File’ as shown in the screenshot below:
  2. Then click the option ‘Automatic Replies’ same as shown in the below screenshot:
  3. After this, select Send automatic replies just like mentioned in the below screenshot:
  4. After this, write the message which you want to share with your colleagues and you want you want to move to your co-workers in your absence. Ab example of message is given below:
  5. After you are done with the message writing, press ‘OK’. If the need is to send the responses to the senders outside the workplace, then move to the option ‘Outside My Organization’ and fill the other message. For setting the time range for out of office message, press ‘Only send during this time range’ and choose parameters as per the need. Go through the below screenshot below:
  6. This will let your co-workers catch out of office reply while they get into your contact. They also get notification when reply is set while you add into an email message.
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