How to transfer EML email files to PST format?

In order to save their valuable information, a user uses different email clients as per their needs and they support different file formats to save the information. Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email clients for Windows users. In this article, we will discuss the transfer of EML emails to PST format but before we proceed, let us discuss what is EML and PST file format and the reasons for conversion of EML emails into PST file format.

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EML file – EML file is a single message file that contains only messages and attachments. It is the default file format in Windows Live Mail to store the information.

PST file – PST file is the default file format in Outlook to save the information. OST file is also there in Microsoft Outlook. A user can work in offline mode in MS Outlook.

Reasons for conversion of EML files to PST format

  • Changing of email client by the organization arises migration task. Suppose, earlier, they were using Windows Live Mail but now the organization has changed their email client from Windows Live Mail to Outlook.
  • Windows Live Mail is no longer supported in Windows operating system after Windows 7.
  • Managing Outlook data files is very easy and peaceful.
  • MS Outlook is one of the most popular email clients by professionals

How to perform conversion of EML emails to PST file format?

If you search on the internet for conversion of EML emails to PST format. You will get various manual and automated solutions. Choosing the correct tool among them depends on your requirements and desires.

By keeping in mind, the requirements of both the users, we have discussed both the manual method and the third-party method here.

Manual method to move EML emails to PST format

  • Install Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook in your system
  • Open both the email clients
  • In Windows Live Mail, Click on File > Export > Email messages
  • Select Microsoft Exchange under email messages
  • Click Next
  • A new message window appears, Click OK
  • In the next window, select the mail folders which you want to export from Windows Live Mail
  • Click Ok
  • Once the process completes, Click Ok
  • Finally, Click Finish

A user who is not aware of email client proper installation can’t perform the task of conversion properly. Moreover, it feels frustrating to move to several interfaces and install both the email clients to your system. One of the main reason is this method is not applicable in all circumstances. So due to these complications, we have found the best third-party solution for you that will overcome all these limitations for you and render you the safe and demanding conversion of EML emails to PST format.

GainTools EML to PST Converter – The perfect solution for EML migration to PST

The software works simply with four main steps and you don’t need to move to several interfaces, you will get the entire conversion in a simplified way and at one place with Gaintools Eml to PST Tool.

Steps of GainTools EML to PST Converter

Step 1. Loading of required EML email files – The first step after downloading and installing the software is loading of required EML files using Browse option.

A preview facility is also available before the conversion so that the user can get a rechecking of EML emails and other information.

  • Step 2. Choose export type – you can choose the format here in which you want to move EML emails. Here we will select PST format as per your conversion.

Step 3. Provide a path to save the results – Now, you need to provide a path to save the results. You can save the results to any location to your system. After that, click Convert Now and within few minutes, you will get EML files ready in PST format.


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