Increasing the size limit of outlook attachment

Increasing The Size Limit of Outlook Attachments

Do you know MS Outlook has set a limit for attachments? If you are sending an email including attachments, make sure about the size limit. The basic size limit is around 20 MB by default which is set by MS Outlook.

MS Outlook 2010 has been designed to warn users for the size limit of attachments. If users try to send an attachment over the given size limit, MS Outlook 2010 generates an error message to prevent users to send big size attachments.


Increasing the Limit of Attachments

If your internet service provider allows you to make changes in MS Outlook, you can increase or decrease the size limit. You can take assistance from Registry Editor to make the desired size limit changes. In the Exchange Server, there is no need to make any changes because the server allows you to know your limit.

Below are steps to follow to change the size of attachments using Registry Editor.

Press the Start button

In the search field write regedit

A new window named ‘User Account Control’ will open, click yes in the run box

A new window ‘registry editor’ will open, locate References


Double click on the value ‘MaximumAttachmentSize’

In case you don’t find the value, go to Edit option

From the dropdown select ‘New’ and then press ‘DWORD (32-bit) Value’


Now, rename the value as MaximumAttachmentSize


Double click the value

A small box will open, under the Value data provide the attachment size limit in KB. You can take help from ‘Google’ to convert KB into MB


Finally, press OK

Note- The abovementioned method for MS Outlook 2010 and 2013, it is not for below versions.


By making changes in the Registry Editor, you can increase or decrease the size of attachments in MS Outlook. Follow these procedures. You can do it on your own.

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