Merge Outlook PST Files with Manual Method

Why do the users need to merge their Outlook PST Files in the list and details?

There are many reasons why users need to merge an Outlook PST file especially when users are working with large amounts of email data. Here we have tried to tell users some important scenarios where merging PST Files is beneficial.

1. Organization and efficiency: If users have a lot of PST files but they are stored in different places, then after merging, it becomes easy to organize and manage the files in a single folder and it becomes easier to find them immediately when needed. Due to this it also saves the time and effort of the user.

2. Simplified Backup and Recovery: after merging the PST files, it is easy to manage it, as well as backing it up and getting the files back through becomes easy. Can take backup by keeping in it and users can reduce the loss of data loss.

3. Enhanced Search Capabilities: If all your PST Files are merged and organized in a single folder, then you can easily find your important emails and attachments very easily when the time comes. Users can easily find particular files using Outlook’s search functionality or find.

4. Avoiding file size: avoiding File Size Limitation: In the old version of Outlook had a minimum size limit to hold up a large amount of PST files. But, now after merging small PST Files into large PST Folder. Users can save more PST files without facing any issues.

5. Streamlined Data Migration: streamlined Data migration: when you are transferring the files into the new system or Outlook installation. Must ensure that all important emails and data are merged into PST files. It is better to merge the PST Files in one folder either manually exporting or importing multiple PST Files.

How the user merges the PST File by manual process

By following these simple steps, you will merge PST Files through manual methods, read carefully below: –

Step 1- first of all, Create a new Outlook PST File

• Go and open Microsoft Outlook on your local system. Click the “File” menu and tab “New” and then tab “Outlook data file”.

• Select a desired location and enter a name for the new PST File. Then click the “OK” Button to create a new Outlook Pst file.

Step 2- Import PST File into the New PST File

• In Outlook go to the “file” menu and click the “open and export” option and then select “Import/ export”.

• In the Import and Export option, from the other program select “Import” and hit “Next”.

• Next, hit on the “Browser” button and then navigate to the location of the first PST File which you want to merge. select it and then click the “open” button.

• For handling duplicates choose the desired option and click “Next”.

• Select the all folder that you want to import from the PST file. If you want to import all the files then must assures that you will select a top-level folder.

• If you want to import all subfolders then look at the box” Include subfolder” as well.

• Then select the new pst file which you was creates in Step 1 as the destination for the imported data.

• For handling duplicates in the new pst files choose the desired option and click the “Finish” button.

Step 3- for additional PST Files repeat the Import process

• Foe each additional PST Files which you want to merge follow the same import process outlined in step 2.

• Again select the new PST File created in Step 1 as the destination for each import.

Step 4- then merged PST File organized and consolidate.

• Navigate to the new pst file in the folder name on the left in Outlook.

• The imported folder and items rearrange and organized as desired within the new PST File.

• Now you need to create a new folder and streamline the merged PST File apply any necessary organization.

Problems to merge multiple PST File and how to merge pst files

When you are merging several PST files at a particular time then it may happen to face some problems. Below are some problems which may be you are face they are:-

1. Fragmented Data: when your emails and other data are spread in many PST Files, then it becomes very difficult to find and get them when the time comes, and it is a waste of your time. When you merge your all PST Files, then you will get all your data in a single file. It becomes easy to keep in and whenever you want you can find your particular files and work on them and make your work easy.

2. Search Complexity: if the PST files are kept in different folders and you are looking for one particular PST file then it wastes a lot of time but after merging you can find them easily find all emails and folders. Can be found in which the user does not take time to find the data and at the same time the user’s time is also saved.

3. Inefficient Backup: If the backup of PST files is done one by one, then a lot of difficulties will have to be faced, it will take a lot of time, or a lot of effort also as well as there will be a lot of wastage of the time, but when you merge the PST file. Taking a backup of the file becomes a lot of easy process because you have to take a backup of only one file and through this backup, you can keep all your data safe and secure.

4. File size Limitation: In the old Outlook version saving size of the PST Files was small due to which many PST Files were created but now you can merge them and cross its size limit it is only one merged PST Files inner the the you save can keep all emails and data organized.

5. Organization Challenges: when you have multiple PST Files with different folder structures, you are not able to keep them properly organized and easy to maintain. It is a challenging task. But, after merging PST Files, you will be able to combine all the data and folders in a single file. Organized inside folders, which makes it easy to navigate through all these emails and folders effectively, so you can quickly search and find any specific files you need and do your work without wasting your time.

6. Data Migration Complexity: when you migrate the PST file to a new computer and installation in Outlook it will take too much time. Migrating individual PST files will be a very much difficult process and time taken so, so it would be better before the migration you will merge the all files. After that, you need to move and import one consolidated PST File.

Take some important tips before merging PST Files.

When you think to do merging your multiple PST files, then you should take some precautions to get relief when any error occurs during the merging. Below are some important tips before merging the files.

1. Backup your original PST Files: When you are going to merge the PST Files, then it is very important to take a backup of all the important files. After taking a backup you will have the advantage that even if something goes wrong in the process of merging, you can get your file back.

2. Check PST File Integrity: When you merge you must ensure that you should run the inbox Repair tool which is given by Microsoft to check the integrity of each PST File. This tool helps you to reduce the risk of error and corruption if any error occurs at the time of merging.

3. Remove unnecessary Data: As you merge, it is a good idea to delete all unnecessary emails and data from each PST file and remove the deleted folders to prevent the PST file from becoming too large over time. This will help to save your time or effort too.

4. Organized and rename the PST Files: if your PST Files are unmanaged and lie in many other places then it becomes very much necessary you must give the name to the PST File because when you merge the files it will be easy to identify the individual files.

5. Consider Filtering Option: during the merging process you will be clear about that what type of specific filter you want for the PST files. Just take an example, which pst file you want to merge, what file you want to take out from the merging process, etc. if you know very well what kind of filter you have to apply in the PST File, then you will be able to do the merging at the right time and how to do it well.

6. Check Available Disk space: when you merge your PST File you must ensure that your computer has enough Disk to stop the PST File without any problem. When you are merging multiple multiple PST files then it may happen this file becomes large so, you must have enough disk in your computer. To store the merged file without running into storage issues.

7. Use Third-party Tools: if you are thinking to do merging the PST files, then it will be a good idea that you must save all data separately on an external device. For these steps, you feel relaxed any error happens during the merging you be get back your files without taking any issues.