MS Outlook aims to enrich the experience of users. Outlook 2013 is one the best example of it. The version of MS Outlook has several eye-catchy features which makes it one of the most widely used versions of MS Outlook. Let’s know about it.

New Design & Presentation

MS Outlook has switch tabs to minimize. The new design gives the snapshots of your calendars, contacts, and schedule within the inbox.
snapshots of calenders
Remind Attachments
It looks unprofessional when you miss adding an important attachment to your email. While in hurry it may possible. The Outlook 2013 will keep you alert about it. It notifies users. There are a few simple steps to follow to active the Insert Attachment feature.
In the attachment reminder dialog box:-

  1. Open attachments reminder dialog box
  2. Click on don’t show this message again

Using Toolbar:-

  1. Press on File
  2. Select Option
  3. Press on Mail
  4. Take cursor to send messages
  5. Select Warn me when I send a message that may be missing an attachment

Note:- The feature is available in English version.

attachments reminder

Exchange ActiveSync
It is a protocol that allows accessing your MS Outlook data on your mobile. The tool synchronizes emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. Outlook 2013 works like to access whole data on mobile.

sync data

Get Preview of Message
The previous versions of MS Outlook give a preview of only sender’s name and subject. The MS Outlook 2013 saves your time by allowing to view more than name and subject. It shows two-three lines of the message body to quickly preview the email without opening it.

preview of message

IMAP Improvement
Earlier the IMAP network functions took place in the foreground and now, they are occurring in the background. Existing emails can be quickly in the inbox. It is fast like cached Exchange mode.

  1. It informs users if any IMAP message is received.
  2. Major folders like calendars, contacts, and notes are not transferred to another system.

People Hub
It lets you connected with your social network by letting you include contacts.
It gathers information of a person from various social media sites
Let you quickly take a look at contacts and allow you to open them in the inbox

people hub

Outlook Data File Compression
Save space by compressing OST files up to 40%. The compression version of the Outlook data file is built automatically after installation of the 2013 version.

Implement in Cached Exchange Mode
The early version of Outlook was causing loss of archived emails if you synchronize your account. The problem has been resolved with Outlook 2013 launch. It is able to catch emails till the last 12 months. It is upon users how many messages they want to keep offline.

Weather Bar
Outlook 2013 has come up with the weather bar to keep you update with the last 3 days weather.

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