Office 365 to Windows Live Mail

Office 365 – Office 365 is a cloud-based application that can be accessed on any device whenever and wherever you want. The only thing you need is proper internet connectivity. All the facilities to store emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals etc. are stored in it.

Windows Live Mail – Windows Live Mail is an email client that store your data files in EML file format. It supports all email messages and attachments.

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What are the causes for creating a backup?

  • Security – One of the main aspects of creating a backup of is security. To keep the information secure, a backup solution is suggested by the experts.
  • Recovery – If your data is lost due to any mishap, you can’t recover it. A backup is always suggested for the safety of your valuable information.
  • Sudden deletion of emails – If any of your important emails get deleted suddenly, you can’t recover it without having a prior backup.
  • Poor internet connectivity – Many businesses experience poor internet connectivity due to which they may lose some of their important information. In that case, a backup is needed.
  • External security threats – Factors like server crash, hacking, cybercrime etc. may affect your information and your data may be lost or get locked due to these factors. If you have created a backup of your important information, it will be helpful at that time.

Why is Windows Live Mail chosen for saving a backup of Office 365 emails?

  • Free email client – It is a free email client for Windows 7 users.
  • Multiple functionalities – It comes with multiple functionalities to set various colors and themes to your email client.
  • Speedy operation – As Windows Live Mail is a light application so it performs a speedy operation.

Which tool should be the best one for taking backup of Office 365 database?

After struggling a lot, our professional experts have suggested the best tool Office 365 backup for conversion of Office 365 emails to Windows Live Mail. The software converts entire mailboxes of Office 365 to WLM without any harm or damage to any file and its content.

How the software converts Office 365 emails to Windows Live Mail?

There are only three main steps involved in the conversion of Office 365 database to Windows Live Mail –

Step 1. Provide login credentials – The foremost step is to provide a right username and password of your Office 365 account. The software makes an instant connectivity with the account.

Step 2. Selection of required folder – The second step is selection of required folder whom you want to convert to Windows Live Mail.

Step 3. Locate a path to save the end-results – The last step is to set a location to save the end results. This would be any location of your computer system.


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