Free Outlook PST Split Manual Method

Split Outlook PST with PST Splitter Tool

It is very easy to use Outlook PST Split Software, this software has been designed in such a way that it can split large PST files into small PST Files very comfortably. Through this software, you can split PST Files according to size, date, email address, etc. When you split large PST Files into many small PST Files this software does not lose the original structure of the files. both ANSI and Unicode PST Files are supported by this software and with this facility users get the option to preview the PST Files before splitting them. This software is so updated That while dividing user files, this software makes sure that the user can split PST Files without losing data. This software supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Best Features to Divide Large PST File

1. Quick and Easy Split PST: With follows a few simple steps users can quickly and easily split large PST files into small parts with the bits of help of the PST Split Tool.

2. Split PST by Size, Date, and Folder: with the help of PST Split Tool users can easily split PST files by size, date, and folder. Due to these advance features users can easily keep managed or organized their emails.

3. Preview of PST Files: By using PST Split Tool users can preview the contents of the PST Files before splitting.

4. Split PST Files Without Outlook: users can use PST Split Tool without Microsoft Outlook.

5. Support for Password-Protected PST Files: This PST Split Tool has been designed in such a way that the users can split the PST Files by providing Split password-protected PST Files.

6. Support for Multiple PST Formats: The PST Split Tool supports multiple PST formats, including ANSI, Unicode, and Outlook for Mac.

7. Support for Multiple Operating Systems: This PST Split Tool supports all Windows such as Windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 7, Vista, XP ETC.

Why We Need to Cut Outlook PST File

Here are some important reasons to need to cut Outlook PST files. Some points are mentioned below.

1. To Reduce the Size of the PST File: to reduce the size of the PST File is the main reason for splitting an Outlook PST File. When the pst file becomes large then there is more chance to corrupt the files and cause Outlook to crash.

2. To Organize Outlook Data: when your PST file will be in small parts, then it will be very easy for you to manage and organize it from your desired place. For example, you can organize the files in separate folders for emails, contact, calendar, tasks, and notes.

3. To Move Data Across Computers: if you have to split PST Files then you can easily move it Outlook data across multiple computers. When you split the PST Files, you can transfer as much of your file as you need. there is no need for you to transfer the entire file.

4. To Archive Data: you can also use PST File splitting to use in-store data through this you can move all old emails and Outlook data into a separate PST File that you can store away or use for archiving.

5. To Create Backup Copies: for Outlook data you can use splitting an Outlook PST File to create backup copies. You can create different folders for different PST Files to take a backup of only the data you need.

How to Break PST Manually

Step 1- download Microsoft Outlook and go to the File menu and select the import/ export option

Step 2- select the export option and click on next

Step 3- next step, choose Outlook data file as the file type and then click on the next

Step 4- after that, choose the folder you want to export and click on next

Step 5- Next, select the option to include a subfolder and then click on the next process.

Step 6- after that, put the file name for the split PST file and then click to finish.

Step 7- Repeat this process for each folder if you want to split the PST Files.

Step 8- once when you complete the process of splitting, then you will open them in Outlook or use a third party to combine them into a single PST File.

Split Outlook PST by Size

by using a third-party tool such as Split PST Software, you will easily split large-size PST files into several smaller PST files. Just need you will select the large size of the split PST Files and the software will automatically split into small PST Files.

Split Outlook PST by Folder

if you are using an advanced professional PST splitter tool, you can easily split Outlook PST Files by folder. This option goes to the benefits when you want to separate the files according to the different parts such as emails, contact, tasks, calendar, etc.

Split Outlook PST by Year

if you want to split Outlook PST FILES by year into multiple parts, then it becomes necessary to use a PST splitter tool. This software allows the user to select the year range for splitting the PST Files into several parts.

Sometimes the large size of PST files becomes a problem for many businesses. PST file is nothing but a collection of emails created by MS Outlook. As the size of these PST Files increases, it is likely to become a management cause. increase sizes and it can become a problem for Outlook users.

If we see properly that having large size PST Files usually creates only one problem which is the slow of functionality to opening and closing or answering the emails. This reason can frustrate users who prefer to do their work on Outlook. All reasons increase the chance of data loss due to the large PST Files due to which the loss of an important email can also happen.

As already mentioned, if the PST Files becomes too large, then the problem of data loss increase, when the size of the file increase, then it cannot be saved in the system and can be corrupted by the file, and due to this, this emails increase the chance of missing.

But if the user wants to avoid this problem, then he should try to keep the size of these PST Files small, there is only one way to avoid this, you keep sending old emails from time to time in archived. Due to this the PST Files will take out these emails and the size of the PST Files will be reduced. Users can do one more thing to reduce the size of the PST Files they can compress the files.

Do not forget to back up the PST Files because if in any condition, your PST Files get corrupted, then you can get back the files through the backup process only. Because of this, you will not lose your data either.

In the end, the user should use a third-party PST Management tool, it helps the user a lot in managing their PST Files, and through this, you can take a backup of your PST Files and avoid the problem of data loss can get rid of.

You can easily get rid of whatever problem you have with large PST Files by taking a backup of your PST Files.

Problems of Oversized PST

1. Increase in PST File Size: when you are dealing with a large number of emails and attachment, then its automatically your PST File becomes large which create lots of problem such as a lack of performance, files becoming corrupted, etc.

2. Difficulty Backing Up the PST File: if the PST File becomes too large then you will face the problem to take a backup of the file and even move the file to another folder.

3. Issues Opening and Searching the PST File: if the PST File becomes large then it happens that you will face difficulty to open or even search for specific emails.

Solution: if you want to cut the size of the oversized PST Files, you should use the PST Files splitter tool. With the help of this type of tool you will very easily split the large size PST File into Small PST files, and due to this reason you will easily keep your PST Files organized and managed and more efficient to take backups.

FAQs Split PST

  • What is a PST File?

    PST’s full form is a “personal storage Table”. This file is for use to store emails, contact, calendar, and many other data from Microsoft Outlook.

  • What is PST Splitting?

    PST Slitting is the method where you will divide large-size PST Files into Small PST files. This is done so the user can manage and organize the PST Files and can take their backup files easily.

  • Why Should I Split My PST File?

    THERE ARE MANY BENEFICIAL REASONS IN KEEPING THE pst file split. Splitting it will reduce the size of the large PST Files which helps to keep the files in organized manner and very easy to take backup of it. It will also help to speed up Outlook’s performance. And make it easy to keep the file at your desired location.

  • How Can I Split My PST File?

    You can split the PST Files bu using of third- party programs. These types of programs are many available, it may be free or at low cost.

  • List of Outlook Errors Due to Oversized PST File
    1. Outlook is slow in responding
    2. Outlook crashes while sending or receiving emails
    3. Cannot delete emails
    4. Outlook not responding
    5. PST file is too large
    6. Error 0x8004060C – ‘Unknown Error’
    7. Synchronization errors
    8. Outlook cannot connect to PST
    9. Outlook error 0x80040119
    10. Outlook error 0x80040600
    11. Outlook error 0x8004011D
    12. Outlook error 0x8004210B
    13. Outlook error 0x80040305
    14. Outlook error 0x8004210A
    15. Outlook error 0x800CCC0F
    16. Outlook error 0x8004210E
    17. Outlook error 0x800CCC0E
    18. Error 0x80040600 – ‘Unknown Error’
    19. Error 0x80040604 – ‘Unknown Error’
    20. Error 0x80040607 – ‘Unknown Error’
  • Tips to Manage Large PST Files

    1. Archive Old Emails: to manage the large-size PST Files, you will archiving the old emails. This method helps to reduce the size of the PST Files.

    2. Clean Out Deleted Items Folder: From time to time should clean out the trash folder and clean deleted items folder.

    3. Compact the PST File: to reduce the PST File you can use the compact features in Outlook.

    4. Split the PST File: if you will split the PST Files into smaller chunks, then it will help to reduce the size of the file and increase the performance level.

    5. Archive Attachments: to reduce the size of the PST File archive large attachment.

    6. Use an External Storage Device: to reduce the size of the Pst file you will also use an external device such as a USB Drive, to store the PST Files. And this will also help to keep organized your PST File.

    7. Use PST Management Software: if you will use PST management software to manage the large size PST size, this software help you to compress, split, and archive the PST Files.