How to Set Up a Distribution List in Outlook?

Distribution list in MS Outlook is a way to manage list of contacts in Outlook. It is the best way to save energy as well as time. This helps in a great way when you want to send the same message to various recipients. Distribution list is the apt way for sending emails, notices, important announcements to the entire group rather than sending same message to single person at a time. Thus set up the distribution list for ease ahead.

Add the desired email address in the message and your message will be sent to them. For making group mailing such as business newsletter or an event which needs click via tracking, create a distribution list. The task to create distribution list seems troublesome but the fact is that it is fairly simple to do. Just create in Outlook email program and everything gets over quickly.

How to Set Up a Distribution List in Outlook? Here follows the steps:

If you send emails to the entire team then you need to select the team members email Ids one after the other every time you attempt to send an email message. Outlook has a proviso for creating distribution list which includes email addresses of every team member. To send email to the whole team, choose distribution list which results into sending of the email to all recipients listed in distribution list.

  1. Firstly, launch MS Outlook by clicking Home >> News Items. See the screenshot mentioned below:
    Distribution list in Outlook
  2. Then press More Items >> Contact Group. Check out the below given screenshot:
    Distribution List in Outlook
  3. Go to the Contact Group ribbon and click on ‘Add Member’.
    Outlook Distribution List
  4. Choose email addresses from the Address Book via drop-down list for adding members. Get the view of the screenshot below:
    Outlook Distribution List
  5. Go to Select Members Contacts dialog and choose the recipient. Then click on Members button. Go over the same operation till the distribution list includes every email address of team members. Press ‘OK’ button. See the image below:
    Outlook Distribution List
  6. Give a unique name to the distribution list. For this, type the name and press Save & Close.

Outlook Distribution

  1. Whenever, you find the need to send the email to the team, choose the distribution list from Select Names dialog, Press To >> OK. See the image below:

  1. The distribution list will then appear on To Column. Compose email and then you can send with ease. The members in the distribution list will catch email sent from you. Find the screenshot below:


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