Steps to Add Outlook Contacts in Outlook

Outlook has no match it comes to email clients for desktop. Outlook is not just an emailing tool. It saves contacts, calendars, events, journals and many other important information separately. It is a user-friendly app.  The interactive tool allows to ‘Add Contacts’ when you right click on any email address. It is simple and quick. However, the option may not be visible in Outlook 2013. In this case, you can fix the issue on your own.

In the previous versions of Ms Outlook, when you click right on an email address, Add to Outlook Contacts option is visible. But in Outlook 2013, the option seems missing. It doesn’t mean the option has removed completely.

‘Add to Outlook Contacts’ option is visible when the particular email address is not added to the contact list.  Then the option ‘Edit Contact’ and ‘Open Contact Card’ will be shown. If the contact is not saved in your MS Outlook Contact folder, you can edit the contact and save it to your Outlook.

The option is missing in the case of when your Outlook is connected with Facebook and Linkedin.  If the particular contact is in your social media account, Outlook will not show the option.

Add to Outlook Contacts Missing in 2010 Version of Outlook

The missing of ‘Add to Outlook Contacts’ can be faced in MS Outlook 2010 version too. The problem is faced because of some Add-ins in the Office program. It can be fixed.

Start the Office program in the Safe Mode.

Even you start the Office Program in safe mode, the problem has not resolved. You need to disable all add-ins.

Steps are as followed.

Start Outlook and go to the ‘File’ menu


Go for Options then Add-In and finally hit tab ‘Go’ to manage.

Check Add-ins and clear all of them.


Close it and restart Office program

Now, check all add-ins have been removed. If they are still there, you will have to repeat the process. The issue can now resolve. If it is not resolving, analyze which add-in is causing the problem.

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