steps to export autocomplete auto cache

Steps to Export Autocomplete Cache to Another Computer

You may hear about NK2 file which is by far one of the most convenient and the smartest option for Outlook users. As you enter new contact (email address), the NK2 file automatically stores the contact whether or not it has been added to the address book. When you write the following email address to the contact fields (To, CC or BCC), it allows you to auto-complete the email address. You don’t need to remember the whole email address of your contacts. But relying upon the autocomplete entirely can be risky. You can lose them. Add each address to the contact list. If you maintain vCard files, your precious contacts will be safe as compared to autocomplete. The NK2 files are not supportive when switching to a different Outlook version or a different computer.

Let’s know how to transfer an NK2 file to another Outlook Version as well as another machine.

Importing NK2 Files

Below is the guide on importing contacts from NK2 file to Outlook on a different machine.

Location for NK2 file- Default location of Outlook autocomplete file.

For Windows XP Drive:

\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

For Windows Vista and Above Drive:


Exporting Outlook NK2 File from 2002 to 2007 Outlook

Copy the NK2 file, location for the file is according to the Windows version:

Vista and above Drive:


XP: Drive:

\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Now change the file name as per the name of your email profile

TIP: To locate the name of your profile, visit Control Panel and access Mail application in it. Press the tab reads Show Profiles and check the name. You can skip seeing your profile name because by default the name is already set to Outlook.

Importing NK2 Files in Outlook 2010 & 2013

Outlook 2010 and above versions don’t support the NK2 files. Hence, to access the nk2 file contacts, the import process is necessary to follow.

Copy nk2 file by selecting it from its location as per the Windows version

Give the file the name matching to the profile name


Now start Outlook along with the switch: /importnk2

Open the Run window

Type: outlook.exe /importnk2


Note– Do forget to leave space after exe

Conclusion: These steps are easy to follow. You may not need help from a technician to perform the task. Don’t relay on NK2 files completely. Create a contact address so that you can operate your Outlook smoothly and keep your important data integrated.

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