Steps to Move Outlook Emails of Specific Email Address to a Separate Folder

Outlook is one of the most well-organized email clients. It gives you a number of features to manage your emails. These are smart modern day’s features to keep you well organized with your emails. Every day, you receive a number of emails. How about organizing specific category emails to a folder. For example, you can separate your office emails with individual emails by creating a folder. Outlook offers the opportunity.

If you are spending hours by moving emails from inbox to a particular folder, the feature of MS Outlook can help you a lot. You can automate incoming mail filtering. The idea of filtering emails has now become a number one choice in corporate. MS Outlook allows you to set rules where you can command the email client to filter both incoming and outgoing emails.

Let’s Set Rules to Move Specific Email to Folder in Outlook

The first step is to open the Rules Manager. The feature to filter emails is almost the same in all MS Outlook, but the location of Rules Manager is different. Let’s know how to open Rules Manager in different versions of MS Outlook. Outlook 2007- Go to the Tool Menu and from the drop-down select Rules and Alerts


Outlook 2013-2010- In the Home menu, click to Move and then Rules. After that select ‘Manage Rules & Alerts’


Now a new tab Rules & Alerts will open, press New Rules tab to create a rule to filter incoming mails.


The Rules Wizard will open, from the various messages, select the topmost ‘Move Messages from Someone to a Folder’


In Step 2- Click on the People or Public link. It will access the emails you saved in the address. From the list select the emails you want to move to a specific folder and press ‘move it to the specific folder’ and then select the folder of your choice.


Press Next tab. You have choices to customize the rule. Set the rule that you find suitable for the message which is in the Inbox. By doing so, all mails of the selective person will be transferred to the directed folder.

Note: Before running the rule, make sure you want to move all existed emails or upcoming emails. For this, you have to check ‘Run this rule now on messages already in inbox’ option.

Finally, finish button.

Stay Away to Define Many Because Duplicacy can Possible

If you have set multiple rules, it may cause duplicate emails. So, Outlook suggests using minimum and strictly required rules.

So while creating rules, enable the option stop processing multiple rules. It will help prevent duplicacy.


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