Ms Outlook is one of the most widely used desktop email clients introduced by Microsoft as a part of the MS Office Suite. The email client is trusted by multiple organizations in the world as well as single users to send and receive emails, coordinate meetings, set schedule and calendar with the help of MS Exchange Server or Share Point Server.

MS Outlook is flexible to use on smart devices to access your important email data from anywhere. The only thing they need is the internet connection and synchronization of the mailbox with the device by providing correct user ID and password. Numerous add-ons are available to provide a better experience with MS Outlook. Various versions of MS Outlook has been launched to upgrade its key functions such as 98, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2016 for Windows. The 2011 version of MS Outlook has been launched for MAC.

Key Functions of MS Outlook

MS Outlook has many incredible key features that make it popular across the globe. It is practical and user friendly. The best part is that it is constantly improving with the launch of every upgraded version.

Uninterrupted Communication
MS Outlook has multiple features to communicate and one of the most common ones is emailing. Ms Outlook allows users to send and receive emails in a professional manner, send attachments with signatures and unique background. The interactive interface gives freedom to use the platform confidently.

Constitution and Coordination
MS Outlook allows users to save V-Card which is a digital card in the electronic communication system. Coordination is easy, fast and secure. A company can allow its employees to stay updated with upcoming meetings and other tasks with its calender feature. Contact is another way to communicate and stays well organized.

Get Confirmation for Messages
It is a real professional tool. Outlook has advanced and unique tracking services to keep the record of sent messages. Outlook has the option called ‘Request a Delivery Report’ that lets you know the message has been delivered to the recipient. There is one more best feature called ‘Request a Read Report’ to let you know whether the sent email is opened by users.

Work Unitedly
MS Outlook encourages organizations to stay connected with employees. The ‘Meeting Invite’ feature allows Outlook users to invite connections to meetings. It gives you track that who has accepted or declined the invitation.

Key Benefits of MS Outlook

With every upgraded version, Microsoft has tried to improve the performance of MS Outlook.

Integrated with MS Exchange
When Outlook and Exchange are used together, both integrate with each other. Users have to put no extra effort to allow Outlook and Exchange work together. Users have to follow a few simple steps to integrate Exchange with MS Outlook.

Coordinate with Active Directory
Exchange server users have advantages over Active Directory. When users log in to Outlook account they don’t need to fill up the login credentials again and again to log in Exchange server.

Smart Email Management
Users are allowed to sort messages according to their priority. They can also send different automatic messages to a different email address.

Much More than an Email Client
It is not all about sending and receiving emails. You can plan a meeting and invite the team for the meeting. You can know the number of members has accepted the invitation.

A Secure Email Client
It is a secure email client which has a junk email filter feature to restrict web bugs which indicate embedded security feature.

Multiple Account Configuration
Create multiple accounts with different protocols. Users can able to set the account as per their work requirements.

Overall, MS Outlook is one of the best platforms for all users who are looking for a secure emailing platform which is more than a simple email client.

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