Why create a backup of Outlook.com account to Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook.com – Outlook.com is a web-based free application provided by Microsoft. It is somehow similar to your Gmail and Yahoo account. It contains all your web mails, contacts, tasks, calendars etc. It is very similar to Microsoft Outlook in function. It is an online application which can’t be handled without internet connectivity.

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What are the reasons for taking backup of Outlook.com account?

  • Server issue – In case of any server issue, you can access your Outlook.com emails.
  • Hacking – Hacking may be the one issue that may cause loss of your important business emails.
  • Virus attacks – A virus attack to Outlook.com account may delete some of your emails.
  • Internet connection issues – Smooth internet connectivity is always required to access Outlook.com account. Without it, you can’t access your emails.
  • Login issues – To access Outlook.com emails, you need to login again and again. By taking a backup of your important emails, you can view them any time without login to Outlook.com account.
  • No backup facility in Outlook.com account – com doesn’t support backup of its own. So, a user needs to store the backup separately.

Why save a backup in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook provides several features to the users so it is the foremost choice of the users.

  • Simple user interface – Microsoft Outlook has a simple user interface which makes it easy to operate by any user.
  • Good security features –Your email files are properly secure and safe in Outlook email client. It blocks external content like web bugs, downloaded images.
  • Support storage facility – You can store any amount of data files to Outlook email client without any size limit issues. There is unlimited storage facility in latest versions of MS Outlook.
  • Easy management of files – Outlook organize your emails in a systematized manner that make it easy to manage.
  • Offers one stop email – You can access more than one account in Microsoft Outlook and folders are sorted separately of these accounts for easy management.

How to convert Outlook.com database to MS Outlook?

If you go for a manual solution. Many hurdles will come in your path so by keeping in mind these things, an application is searched by the experts and i.e. Softaken Outlook.com backup tool. This will ensure a safe and secure backup of all your database without any modifications. If you want to backup some of your important emails, you may use this effective tool.

How does the software works?

There are mainly three steps in the software that provides you an easy conversion of Outlook.com data to Microsoft Outlook.

Step 1. Introduce Outlook.com credentials – The basic step is the introduction of Outlook.com login details i.e. username and password. Once you enter the details, a swift connection is maintained to Outlook.com profile.

Step 2. Load required files/folders – Now, load only required files/folders from Outlook.com profile whom you want to take a backup.

Step 3. Provide a path to save outcomes – The final step is to provide a path to save the backup results.


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