Why Do PST files not store on a network ?

Why Do PST Files Not Store on a Network?

PST is the file format of MS Outlook to store all types of databases including inbox, outbox, messages, notes and journals. The application has been designed to serve as a local medium for communication so the data should be connected. It is why PST files should be stored in the system instead of the network to smoothly access them.

You may face problems if a PST file is stored in the network.

Exchange 4.0 launched PST to allow users to access their databases on their local machine. Moreover, PST files are like the repository to store account data for Outlook client which work without the help of a server,

The fact is that PST is not designed for the network. Though, specifying network directory to a PST file is possible, for enterprises using PST on the network for a long duration is not an ideal solution. These files are file-access-drive storage method for messages.

If you are using LAN or WAN for reading and writing PST files, they are not the best practice. They are meant to connect employees instead of a file-access-drive method. The OS uses file-access-drive and network-access-drive methods for sending and receiving data.

When Outlook tries reading a remote PST file, It utilizes file commands. The Operating System has to send back these commands over the network because the location of the particular file is in a remote. It may cause multiple problems like

  • Multiple overheads are created
  • Take time to perform read/write
  • If there is a network error, PST files can corrupt
Note:- PST files are not designed to store messages for a long period for enterprise usage.

There are some other problems of PST that cannot be ignored while on Network-

  • All process takes longer time than usual
  • Writes operations may take longer time than the read operations
  • The performance of Outlook will influence or slow-down
  • Conditions When PST on Network Consider SuitableAccessing PST on the network is suitable when the bandwidth is higher but network connection latency is low
  • Each file is accessed by a single client rather than multiple
  • The outlook is running remotely by using RDSH or VDI or Windows server version 2008 R2

Network storage of PST may interrupt share function. The outlook may stop responding. However, the condition is for a temporary period. Storage of PST files on the network is possible but there are some guidelines to follow. But experts recommend avoiding saving PST files on the network.

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