Why is it suggested to take a backup of your Outlook.com account?

To know the reason behind taking a backup of your Outlook.com account, it is mandatory to know what is Outlook.com

Outlook.com – Outlook.com is an email application that can be accessed only with the help of internet connectivity. It holds all your email information and allows you to send and receive emails properly. It is a cloud-based application.

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What are the causes of taking backup of Outlook.com account?

  • Data loss prevention – Data loss prevention is the main aspect of saving a backup of any database to ensure its safety.
  • Virus infection – Viruses may affect your emails online so in this case, you may lose your valuable data.
  • Any theft – To prevent your valuable data from online thefts and hackers, a backup is a safe
  • Easy access to valuable information – You can access your important emails by creating an offline backup of Outlook.com account.
  • com doesn’t backup emails – Outlook.com doesn’t support backup facility so a separate backup is created for data safety.

Why migrate Outlook.com database to Thunderbird email client?

Thunderbird has many advantages and therefore it becomes popular among the users.

  • Open source email client – Thunderbird is an open source email client that can be available freely without spending any money.
  • Support multiple operating systems – Thunderbird support multiple operating systems like it works on Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems easily.
  • Customization – Thunderbird is a better email client where you can enjoy a collection of themes and extensions available.
  • Speed and security features – Thunderbird is a speedy email client that comes with various security features to protect your information.
  • Add-Ons facility – Thunderbird provides Add-ons facility to the users. They can modify their email client as per their needs.
  • Multi-channel chat – You can enjoy a conversation with your contacts from any of your favorite messaging application.

How to convert Outlook.com mailbox to Thunderbird email client?

If you want to migrate all your Outlook.com mailbox to Thunderbird email client, you will get various solutions for it but you want an instant and reliable solution for this.

Our experts have found a reliable solution for you – Softaken Outlook.com Backup software

Softaken Outlook.com Backup software instantly converts your Outlook.com database to Thunderbird email client without any modifications to any data files.

Working of Softaken Outlook.com backup software

  • Step 1. Allocate Outlook.com profile login details – The foremost step is an allocation of Outlook.com profile details to make a connectivity with the account.
  • Step 2. Select required files/folders for backup – The next step is a selection of required files/folders for backup. You are free to load some particular files/folders as per your desires.
  • Step 3. Save the end results locally – The final step is to save the end results to any specified location as per your wish.
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