Why is Outlook Not Displaying Images In Emails?

Outlook Not Displaying Images In Emails

There are a few possible reasons why Outlook is not displaying images in emails:

  1. Outlook may be set to not automatically download images for security reasons. To enable the automatic download of images, go to the File tab > Options > Trust Center > Automatic Download > select the “Don’t download pictures automatically in HTML emails” option.
  2. The email may be sent with an image that is blocked by Outlook due to security settings. To unblock the image, right-click the image placeholder and select “Download Pictures” from the popup menu.
  3. The image may be too large for Outlook to display. If this is the case, the sender will need to resize the image before sending the message.
  4. The sender may have sent the message using HTML coding that is not supported by Outlook. The sender will need to use HTML coding that is supported by Outlook.

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