Why the need arise for backup of Office 365 database to Thunderbird?

Office 365 – Microsoft Office 365 provides a comprehensive set of software tools and services that facilitate office documentation, communication, and management tasks. Several online services including Office Professional Plus, Exchange Online and many other facilities are provided by Office 365. There is no need for separate installation of any software. Only a smooth internet connectivity is required to access Office 365 account.

Thunderbird – Thunderbird is an email client that can be available free of cost and it supports saving of user information in MBOX file format in Windows OS. It is an open source email client, you can customize it as per your needs with the help of developers.

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What are the circumstances/causes for a backup?

  • Human error – Office 365 emails are sometimes deleted mistakenly and, in this case, you may lose your vital files. To prevent this loss, a backup creation should be suggested by the experts.
  • Hacking issue – Hackers may lock your personal information online but an offline saving of your vital information can’t be hacked offline.
  • Online Malicious attacks – Online malicious attacks may lose your valuable information and for this, you can create multiple copies of your data.
  • Cloud service outage – A server crash issue may lose not only your precious data but also your time. This affects your overall business. To overcome this issue, a backup creation is very important.

Why choose Thunderbird to export Office 365 emails?

  • Thunderbird is a cross-platform application
  • Thunderbird supports MBOX file in Windows which can be easily imported to many clients like Entourage, Apple Mail, Seam Monkey etc.
  • Thunderbird email client supports many operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux etc.
  • Thunderbird email client provides better security and customization options

How to convert Office 365 database to Thunderbird email client?

We are recommending here a tested and well-verified tool that will perform the entire conversion trouble free for you. Softaken Office 365 backup software is the perfect utility as per the experts.

Working of Softaken Office 365 tool

The software has mainly four step working for the conversion of Office 365 database to Thunderbird email client –

Step 1. Provide login information – The starting step of the process is providing login information of your Office 365 profile. A proper connectivity is maintained by the software in a few seconds.

Step 2. Selection of folder for conversion – Now, you have to select the folder whom you want to convert to Thunderbird email client. You can convert all email folders or some selected folders as per your needs.

Step 3. Set an output location – At last, set an output location to save the outcomes. It may be any location to your computer system.

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