Why there is a need to convert Office 365 database to Outlook?

When we talk about professional environment for email communication, Microsoft Outlook is one the top of the list. Outlook is the most widely used email client both for Windows and Mac operating system.

Office 365 – a cloud based email client

Office 365 allows you to access to office applications and other productivity services that are enabled over the internet. It includes Exchange online for email, a suite of Office web apps etc.

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Microsoft Outlook – a perfect email application

Microsoft Outlook is an email client which suit to both Home as well as Professional users. It has a simple interface which make it easy to handle by any user. You may save your contacts, calendars, notes, journals, appointments etc. to Outlook.

What are the reasons to create a backup of Office 365 account?

In a recent survey, it is found that cases of data theft are increasing day by day so a backup must be created to prevent data loss and corruption.

Some important reasons are –

  • Ransomware issues – Malicious programs like ransomware can lead to data loss. You can save your information from malicious online attacks by creating multiple copies of your data.
  • Lost data can’t be recovered without backup – When some of your sensitive business information may deleted unexpectedly, there is no way to recover it. If you have already created a backup, you may save these email files or information.
  • Unintentional deletion – Sometimes, the emails are mistakenly deleted by the user and it cause serious problem to the organization as the data can’t be recovered without any backup.
  •  Short retention of data – Office 365 secure emails only for temporary basis depending on the policies applied to the data. You can’t recover the data after retention period so a backup is mandatory to save the files.

Why save your backup in Outlook email client?

  • Outlook has an easy to use interface and it can be managed and operated by any user.
  • Outlook has pretty security features that will help you to protect your information.
  • Outlook provides multiple options like calendars, contacts etc. to the user.
  • Outlook is the most popular and widely accepted email client especially by business users.

How to convert/save Office 365 information to Outlook email client?

Our developers have suggested a best and harmless method for conversion of Office 365 emails, attachments and other information to Outlook email client and that tool is Softaken Office 365 backup software.

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